AUGT : Autarkic Governance Regime

Autarkic Governance Regimes are largely closed to portfolio and direct foreign investment.


Equity markets

Even where it exists e.g. Iran, it is virtually closed to foreigners.

The clue is in the title - these economies are relatively closed to foreign trade through choice and/or because of sanctions. The most obvious characteristic is the development of import substituting industries. The countries are almost invariably non-democracies, including some of the world’s harshest dictatorships.

Broader economy

and potential change factors

Autarky is usually associated with very low living standards, but states can continue to be isolated from most of the world for long periods of time. Greater openness can occur via internal regime change or policy shifts most often due to economic or geopolitical events. These states tend to have extremely high levels of corruption, often amounting to a kleptocracy

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